Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hi all!

Well today I turned in my completed forms for the CWI/CWE test. In June, I will be heading to Pittsburgh, PA, to complete the training and exam.

The steps to get this done included:
1) Download and Print off forms.
2) Read/Fill out forms
3) Track down the certifications I have got and make copies.
4) Get a passport ID Photo.
5) Get an eye exam.
6) Have supervisor complete his/her part of forms.
7) Sign papers in front of a notary.
8) Submit forms with payment to the AWS and hope mail gets there in time to meet the deadline.

Now the waiting game begins, wait to make sure they received my packet, make sure everything was properly filled out. Then lastly wait to be sure the training had enough interest to run the training.
Then I need to get my hotel booked!
It will sure be a long week, not a vacation at all!

Well, that's where the journey has taken me for this so far, I will keep you updated!

I also became a member of the AWS today! It helps if you are going for the Exam.

Next time I will talk about the Metal Transfers!

So until next time,
Happy Welding Everyone!
Von Miller

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Back!

Hi All! I'm Back!!!
Sorry to be gone so long, didn't realize it had been that long. Time sure does fly by...

Anyways back to Welding!

I'm now working at 2 colleges teaching Welding Labs and Theory classes along with Codes and Procedures.

I am planning to get my CWI soon, possibly in June. CWI stands for a Certified Welding Inspector.
This will allow me to be able to test welders at our college and out in the field as well. Will keep you posted on how that is going. It is a lot of paperwork, an eye dr. apt. and a week class with testing on a Saturday. It's also pricey as well, but is also rewarding when you have it. Like I said will keep you posted on the journey.

Well class at 6pm tonight we are looking at the AWS D1.1 code and filling out WPS, and WPQR. In my 8pm class tonight we are learning about the theory of GMAW and the Metal Transfers. Now there is a topic for next post!

Better get to class!
Happy Welding Everyone!
Von Miller

Monday, January 28, 2013

Destressing..... from "PMS"

Hi All,
Was just wondering how all of you destress from "PMS", Putting up with Men's S**T"?
I am always surrounded by men. I have a husband and 3 sons. No girls at home. I am a Welding Instructor and very rarely have female students.
Last week I was so stressed out by the men in my class, both of my eyes were twitching! When my left one twitches means Im a little stressed. When my right one twitches means Im almost at my boiling point. When both start to twitch! Watch out- the B*tch is coming!!!
So, I used to eat chocolate and drink a can of coke, that worked. Almost too well if you could see how wide my ass is now! LOL
So, seriously had to find something else. Recently I have been sitting alone in our hot tub for 20-30 minutes.  A hot tub that was bought for my son, (a senior in high school) and his football buddies. Now don't go thinking "Miss Rich Pants here". We got the hot tub for 100.00 added some money to it to get it to work properly. But, now that football is over, that hot tub has become my salvation!
So, what do you do to destress from "PMS"?
 Until next time!
Happy Welding,
Von Miller

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finals Week & Happy Holidays!

Hi All!
Well this is finals week in the Welding Lab. Almost the final to the end of the year. Looking back on my January blog on my to do list, some got done, most did not. Things really didn't change much, dishes and laundry getting done stayed the same! LOL.
As for my classes, I hope most students can say they learned alot and will come back to take some more classes so that we can have more welders in the world.
I have promised a couple of readers on our Womens Welding facebook page I would tell about being pregnant and being a welder. I promise I will get to it, along with other tips and trials of being a female welder.
But for now, just want to say Happy Holidays, to all my followers!!
May you have a happy and blessed New Year!!
Happy Welding!
Von Miller

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Aha Moment.....

Well, I wanted to tell you about "My Aha Moment" I had the other day. In welding lab for the past several years, I have explained to students about how to tell if their travel speed in SMAW is too fast or too slow.
Too slow and the weld will be humped up, (I call them "Humpy Welds"), convex welds. To fast and the weld would be flatten, concave and the ripples will have a bullet-nose-shaped appearance. Then I tell them, "that means that the ripples of the weld are "pointy". Then I tell them, "I not really sure why they call them bullet-nose-shape".
Then, the other day was going through the same scenario and right after I said "I'm not sure why they call them that", I told him "hum... maybe it's because the end is shaped like a bullet!" And that's when it hit me... My Aha Moment....
Now mind you, I've been welding about 23 years and It just now hit me why its called that!!!! that sure was a LOL moment. Of course I laughed, and laughed...the student of course thought I was nuts, which sometimes I am.
So, What kind of "Aha Moment" have you had, pertaining to welding?
Until next time...
Happy Welding, Von Miller

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oops! Made an error....

Well, Students are now heading into the booths, Time to get dirty!
So, it was time to get out my "New Women's Welding Gear".... Very exciting!
Everything fits great! Gloves actually end at my finger tips, Tig gloves fit nice and snug. Jackets fit nicely around the waist and room in the chest! Perfect!
My "Oops" is: In my last post I said I got some new welding clothes called "Spitfire"- They are actually called "Angel Fire" by, BSX gear. You can Look at and order these items at 
Just wanted to clear that up!
So, we are 1/2 way through the semester, some students are looking good...others not so much! More practice will do them some good. Some students have not been here since week #1?!
Goals at home are coming along also, slow but sure... Practice there will do some good also! ha.
Well gotta run...or should I say "gotta weld".
Happy Welding..... Von Miller